Matilda faces her WORST FEAR
Matilda the Sauropod had to face one of her worst fears…
Clancy gets STUCK
Clancy the Sauropod had a very sticky experience and his friends come to the rescue.
Banjo Bounces into Bother
Banjo the Theropod bounced into bother and his friends come to the rescue.

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Fight to Survive cover
A dinosaur dig in far west Queensland unearths a mystery – how did two vastly different dinosaurs end up in the same pre-historic grave? Follow the story of Matilda the sauropod and Banjo the theropod, their chance meeting, and the final mystery is revealed. Bones of Matilda and Banjo have been found by ‘diggers’ on dinosaur digs and are now on display at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs at Winton.
Dinosaurs and Dragons Cover
Grandpa starts a whole new adventure when he decides to take his grandchildren on a road trip to settle an argument. Were there really dinosaurs in the outback? Did dragons really exist? What other monsters will they find in the Queensland outback? Find out what they discover…

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