Dinosaur books for kids

My fascination with dinosaurs probably started when I was three, but only gained serious traction when I met David Elliot from what is now the Australian Age of Dinosaurs in Winton.

Rose Siva Children's Book Author piecing together dinosaur bones.

That chance meeting started me off on many adventures into central Queensland to discover signs of a world that existed 100 million years ago. Working on dinosaur bones is a task only for patient people, and as one of my friends said, you don’t have to be in a hurry as they (the dinosaur bones) are not going anywhere…

Too much dinosaur dust up the nose can do funny things to the brain, and I began to give the dinosaurs identities and characters. Not long after that I realised there were some wonderful stories to be imagined and written about dinosaurs. 

And who doesn’t like reading about dinosaurs, especially real ones!

And now, 6 books later…I’m on a roll! You can see my books if you click on the ‘Books’ tab above. My books are available on my web site or at all good bookshops (including on Amazon).

Highly recommended for ages from eight to eighty! John R

“My 10 year old was totally engrossed, and now her 8 year old brother is curled up on the couch reading. Great chapter book for dinosaur obsessed kids. Lovely to see them enjoying a book so much.” Emily, parent of two.

“Rose Siva’s dinosaur books are so firmly based on first-hand knowledge of Australian dinosaurs that she can make both the fossils themselves and the process of excavating and examining them come to life for children, their parents and grandparents.
My seven grandchildren, all avid readers, have all read or listened to the books. We started with ‘Matilda Faces Her Worst Fear’ (very popular with 6-year-old Tilly), followed by ‘Banjo bounces into Bother’. When ‘Dinosaurs and Dragons’ came out, it was ideal for 7-year-old Dominic, with a little help, to read to his younger brother and sister.
The high point of Christmas 2017 was when Rose came to our house and told them about excavating dinosaur fossils at Winton, and showed them photos and specimens. Even the 15-year-old was impressed!
Rose’s books, then, cater for a wide range of readers, from preschool to late primary/early secondary school, depending on their reading abilities. The illustrations, many from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, are very evocative. I can’t wait for the new one!”  Alison MacPhail,  Tamborine Mountain

Rose Siva Children's Book Author working on a dinosaur bone.
Rose Siva working on a dinosaur bone at AAOD in Winton