“Make a fortune overnight,” Josh’s dad said. “Easy as…”  But he didn’t say anything about opal thieves…

When Josh and his dad went to Lightning Ridge they didn’t expect to be caught up in a fossilised dinosaur bone drama. Nor did they expect to risk their lives underground in a collapsing opal mine miles away from help.

Will they foil the robbers? Will the opalised bone be safe?



It wasn’t the noise as much as the shock wave. A bone-jarring shockwave that rattled every bone in Josh’s body. He found out later the porous nature of the earth around him probably saved his life, as it allowed some of the energy from the explosion to be absorbed in the ground. If it had been hard rock he would probably have been killed.

Then the blackness. Total lack of light. Absolutely black, so black he could not see the fingers on his hand. And silence. Total utter deafening silence.

As Josh regained consciousness he attempted to recreate his world. Where was he? What had happened? What was he doing? He didn’t know how long he had lain there before he started to recall memories, and then began to piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle in his mind…

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