Set the Scene

Reading does not just happen.


    Have book shelves with books on them in a prominent place, like the main living area or lounge. Make your books visible.

  2. Have children’s books on a low shelf where they can reach them. (Keep the ones you don’t want to risk damage from small fingers on a higher shelf)
  3. Have books with cardboard pages for very small children. Until they master finger/thumb control paper pages can be difficult to turn.
  4. Include the word ‘book’ in your child’s vocabulary. Don’t restrict it to ‘mum’, ‘dad’, ‘dog’ and ‘truck’.
  5. Don’t get frustrated if your very young child doesn’t want to interact with what is on the page. Just to want to hold the book and turn the pages is more than enough.

Making books as tangibly enjoyable as toys is a great start to a book love affair.