‘What sort of dinosaur had a bone like that?’ wondered Josh.…

Kat cajoles Josh into going with her to a remote settlers hut in a regional farming area to investigate a stash of what could be dinosaur bones collected over a lifetime by a recently deceased cattle drover. The bones were only discovered after his death, and Kat has been asked by a palaeontologist friend to check out the collection.

Camping in a remote area, they strike up an unusual friendship with a local stockman who, with his local knowledge, leads them to safety when they get caught up in an emergency and have to flee for their lives.

And is it only dinosaur bones they find? This sequel to DINOTHAW and DINOPAL continues Josh’s dinosaur hunting adventures.

“Well,” stated Kat. “That is definitely not from any dinosaur I recognise.” Josh took the bone from Kat. It wasn’t very heavy, and the surface felt silky and smooth. Anything else in the box?” she asked.

“Only this,” said Josh, showing Kat the piece of newspaper with the article circled. Her eyes widened as she read it.

Oh Josh,” she said in a startled voice. “Do you think there might be a connection between this article and the bone? Could this be related?” Her voice was strained. Josh carefully put the bone down on the sheet so Kat could photograph it. It suddenly dawned on him that she was suggesting

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