Did dinosaurs really exist?
Junior – Middle chapter book ~ 15,000 words
Flesch Reading Level 80.7

Grandpa starts a whole new adventure when he decides to take his grandchildren on a road trip to settle an argument. Where there really dinosaurs in the outback? Did dragons really exist?

They travel through the outback visiting rural and regional Queensland towns in search of evidence of dinosaurs. Mount Morgan, the Gem Fields, Richmond and Winton. In their travels they get an idea of what the land looked like 100 million years ago, and evidence of prehistoric life. Find out what they discover…

As far as Josh could remember, it had all started on Grandpa’s birthday.

After a family lunch all the adults sat around the table talking and the kids were shooed out into the yard to play. Suddenly five year old Emily burst into the room with Josh close behind. Almost in tears, her face red and puffy, her chest was heaving as she gasped for breath.

 “It’s not true,” she sobbed. “What Josh just said – it’s not true! He’s telling fibs!”

Emily turned her tear-streaked face to her mother. “Josh said unicorns and dragons and dinosaurs didn’t exist!” she blurted. “But they did! There are pictures of them in my books!” Josh stood defiantly at the door. At ten he was old enough to know some things were made up. He’d just finished a unit at school on fact or fiction.

“They’re just made up,” he declared. “Just pictures someone has dreamed up.”

“Well,” said Grandpa, “there are some mythical creatures we like to believe did exist, but I can assure you dinosaurs definitely did exist, even in Australia. I’ve seen real dinosaur bones right here in Queensland.”

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