Junior Fiction Chapter Books – Perfect for young readers age 6 – 10


“Make a fortune overnight,” Josh’s dad said. “Easy as…” But he didn’t say anything about opal thieves… When Josh and his dad went to Lightning Ridge they didn’t expect to be caught up in a fossilised dinosaur bone drama. Nor did they expect to risk their lives underground in a collapsing opal mine miles away from help. Will they foil the robbers? Will the opalised bone be safe? -*Free Shipping in AUS*



‘Dinosaurs in Antarctica? You must have rocks (or ice) in your head,’ thought Josh. When Josh gets an opportunity to go to Antarctica with his dad he finds out how wrong he was. Working with a research team attempting to recover recently found dinosaur bones they find out how difficult the condition can be, but with the help of a Russian helicopter pilot they manage what seems to be the impossible only to get trapped in the ice. Will they be successful? – *Free Shipping in AUS*


Dinosaurs and Dragons

‘Dinosaurs are just made up,’ declared Josh, starting a family fight. ‘Dinosaurs and Dragons – they are all fictitious!’ And so started a family argument that Grandpa determined to solve by taking his grandchildren on a road trip to settle the argument. Were there dinosaurs and Dragons in Outback Queensland millions of year ago? What will they find? – *Free Shipping in AUS*


Dinosaurs Fight to Survive!

Dan was excited when he found his first dinosaur bone after days of working in the hot dry dirt. But little did he know an even more exciting find was just days away… When Dan was lucky enough to be included in a dinosaur dig with his favourite Aunt he was ecstatic. He had always wanted to be involved in a dig, but when they discovered more than one dinosaur in the same hole he was intrigued. How did two dinosaurs, of completely different species, end up in the same hole? – *Free Shipping in AUS*


Picture Books – Perfect for aspiring readers age 1-4

Matilda faces her WORST FEARS!

Matilda the Sauropod had to face one of her worst fears… – *Free Shipping in AUS*


Clancy gets Stuck!

Clancy the Sauropod had a very sticky experience and his friends come to the rescue. – *Free Shipping in AUS*


Banjo bounces into Bother!

Banjo the Theropod bounced into bother and his friends come to the rescue. – *Free Shipping in AUS*