Start the Love Affair

Read to and with your child.

  1. Notice the book(s) your child seems attracted to. Read and re-read with them. You might be bored but they won’t be.
  2. Savour the words. Take your time. Point at any related illustrations and elaborate on the story.
  3. If they are attracted to a particular character (like Thomas the Tank Engine) take your child to the library and help them find more books on the same character or subject.
  4. Show them that you read – curl up on the couch with a book. Laugh out loud when you read – even if it drives them mad.
  5. Be grateful and enthusiastic when their grandparents buy them a book as a gift – even if the child would have preferred the latest toy!

And remember they are never too old to share reading a book. I have very fond memories of reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy out loud with my teenagers. (It was a family favourite and we could and still do quote parts verbatim!)