Dinosaurs Fight to Survive
Mysterious Death & Discovery in Outback Queensland
Junior chapter book ~ 8,000 words
Flesch Reading Level 75.5

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A dinosaur dig in far west Queensland unearths a mystery – how did two vastly different dinosaurs end up in the same prehistoric grave? Follow the story of Matilda the sauropod and Banjo the theropod, and their chance meeting.

This book unravels a 98 million year-old murder mystery, and is based on actual dinosaurs uncovered in outback Queensland. Read to the end to find out what happened…

David cursed under his breath as his motorbike slid sideways. When he got off the bike to check the front wheel he saw a rock, a fair sized rock with a peculiar pattern on it.  Curious, he picked up the rock to take it back to the farmhouse. He would look at it later… 

Alex could not believe what he was seeing.  He had reluctantly made the three day trip from the Queensland Museum in Brisbane on what he thought was a wild goose chase. Everything he had learned about fossils in outback Queensland said this was not possible.  All experts agreed any large fossils would have long been reduced to dust in this hot, arid country.  But here was absolute proof this was not so. Absolute proof in the form of the top part of a femur of a massive dinosaur… 

 “We need to organise a dig,” he exclaimed. “This could be a really important find.”

Dan was carefully excavating around a bone when an unusual shape began to emerge.  Smaller and more delicate than the other fragments around it, it had a peculiar curve making it quite different to most of the other straight and chunky bones he had found.  Dan called Alex.      

“Wow!” exclaimed Alex excitedly.  He immediately called a halt.  Carefully, ever so carefully, he prised the bone away from the soil and carried it over to the makeshift examination table.  The group gathered around as he examined the fossil with great care.  But it was not a bone.  The shape of the curve was a perfect arc, and on one small area the rock had fallen away, exposing a grey-brown smooth surface with a shine to it.  There was no doubt about it – it was not a bone, it was a claw.  And sauropods did not have claws… 

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I really liked this book because it tells you what happened in the past and it’s not made up. In the back on the book it says based on a true story. I learnt new things from reading this book. I would recommend it to anybody else who enjoys reading. You don’t even have to like dinosaurs because I don’t particularly.

Matilda 9 years old