Dinosaurs fight to survive….book review

Dinosaur book review

Review of Dinosaurs fight to Survive

‘OK, this is the best book of all times. It is my Favourite Book too! It has everything you want in a book. It is Funny, Action, massive Action, based on a true story. Sad, awesome, cool pictures. It is so good I would buy this for 100 billion dollars it is that good. This is better than anything else, it inspires you. It also takes you on an adventure. Like at night. You say to yourself 1 more chapter then go to sleep. But it is impossible to stop! I would buy all of the releases of Dinosaurs fight to Survive in the universe. Would love it. Can be for all ages I think. Just Wow Wow WOW! Oh! thank you for making it a book.’

Ashton Kalf Age 10 Year 5